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JWZ-BM30,50,100,160 Blow Molding Machine

Short Description:

·Suitable for producing different kinds of car urea box, tool box, automotive seat, auto air duct, auto flow board, bumper and Car Spoilers.
·Adopt high output extrusion system,accumulating die head.
·According to the different material, optional JW-DB single station hydraulic screen-exchanger system.
·According to the different product size, customized the platen type and size.
·Optinal hydraulic servo control system.
·Optinal bottom sealing,take-out robot.

Product Detail

1. In the blow molding process, the parison is formed by the die and inflated under a relatively low pressure, which determines that the blow molding product has less residues and has higher strain resistance such as stretching, bending, and impact. Better service life.

2. The raw material (PE) used in the extrusion blow molding machine has excellent low temperature resistance, good chemical stability, and good crack resistance.

3. The molding equipment is simple and easy to operate, and the choice of raw materials is more extensive.

4. After the parison flows out through the extruder head, it directly enters the blow mold for molding without secondary heating, and the production efficiency is high.

Main technical parameter

Model Unit BM30 BM50 BM100 BM160
Max product volume L 30 50 100 160
Dry cycle Pc/h 600 450 360 300
Die head structure  Accumulating Type
Main screw diameter mm 80 90 100 100
Max plasticizing capacity (PE) kg/h 120 180 190 240
Driving motor Kw 37 45 55 90
Accumulating volume L 5.2 6.2 12.8 18
Oil pump motor power Kw 15 18.5 22 22
Clamping force KN 280 400 600 800
Space between platen mm 400-900 450-1200 500-1300 500-1400
Max.mould size mm 550*650 700*850 800*1200 900*1450
Heating power of die head Kw 20 28 30 30
Platen size W*H mm 740*740 880*880 1020*1000 1120*1200
Machine dimension L*W*H m 4.3*2.2*3.5 5.6*2.4*3.8 5.5*2.5*4.0 7*3.5*4
Machine weight T 12 13.5 16 20
Total power Kw 95 110 135 172

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