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Industry event, exchange platform—Jingwei Chemical Fiber will meet you at 2021 Shanghai Textile Machinery Exhibition

Affected by the epidemic, the Shanghai Textile Machinery Exhibition has been away for more than two years. The industry’s new technologies, new equipment and various solutions are urgently needed to be presented to the market and to obtain market feedback; at the same time, after the impact of the epidemic, there is a huge market gap and long-term savings. The demand for docking is about to be triggered. The China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition, which will be held in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center from June 12 to 16, are particularly exciting. What are the highlights of Suzhou Jinwei Chemical Fiber Equipment Co., Ltd.?
Totally integrated automation + IoT control system solution
The continuous emergence of new technologies and the catalysis of the new crown epidemic, along with the high-quality development of the textile industry and industrial upgrading needs, have put forward new requirements for smart equipment. Suzhou Jinwei Chemical Fiber Equipment Co., Ltd. through the establishment and practice of digital factories, combined with 5G+ artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing technologies, around the realization of intelligent related automation control, software system integration, information and other technologies with textile machinery and textile technology Close integration and provide multi-scenario local solutions to help the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of the industry chain.
Polyester/nylon/composite POY spinning complete process equipment
The equipment covers more than 20 series of key equipment such as spinning machines, high-speed winders, heat rollers, etc., and has been widely recognized by users at home and abroad. Spinning equipment has the characteristics of rich configuration, stable product quality, reliable equipment operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and environmental protection;
1) A new type of bimetallic screw, barrel, and special piping design are adopted.
2) Energy-saving box, equipped with bottom-mounted high-pressure self-sealing cup-shaped components.
3) Unique planetary spinning pump, separate transmission oil pump, equipped with well-designed monomer suction device.
4) A series of cooling systems with uniform and stable air change and side air blowing.
5) The guide plate can be raised and lowered, and the head raising operation is convenient.
6) High-speed automatic switching winder with precision winding, high switching success rate, excellent silk cake forming, and good unwinding performance. Bring more choices and good benefits to users.
Focus on high-growth sectors in the post-epidemic era
After the new crown pneumonia epidemic, people’s awareness of health protection has increased, and antibacterial, antiviral, functional and sports-related fabrics and technologies will usher in a high growth trend. The demand for anti-epidemic products such as masks and protective clothing is soaring. Many international brands have also launched products with anti-epidemic concepts. Suzhou Jinwei Chemical Fiber Equipment Co., Ltd. has also timely brought product upgrades and optimized spunbond non-woven production lines in the medical and sanitary fields.
Intelligent innovation, “win” to connect to the future
The display of innovative products is an essential subject of every exhibition. The peers in the industry are progressing in competition and sustainable development in innovation. Jinwei people have always maintained a humble attitude and dedicated and professional spirit, and have been committed to continuously pushing the most suitable chemical fiber complete sets of equipment for users to the world, and at the same time serving customers Create more added value and provide users with the ultimate experience. Through product innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, and cultural innovation, the company can eventually become the leading company in the industry.

Post time: Jun-01-2021