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PC/PMMA/GPPS/ABS plastic sheet production line

Short Description:

Scope of application: The Garden, the Amusement Place Strange Decoration and the rest place porch pavilion; the commercial building interior and exterior decoration, the modern city building curtain wall; Transparent Air Containers, motorcycle windshields, aircraft, trains, ships, cars, automobiles, submarines and glass military and police shields; Phone Booth, Advertising Road Signs, light box advertising display display display display layout; Noise barriers on expressways and urban viaducts.

Product Detail

Product Advantage

PC Endurance Board, Wave Board

ABS, HIPS/GPPS Refrigerator board
The utility model is mainly used for the door and gallbladder of the refrigerator, the inner liner, the drawer, the water receiving plate, the water dispenser, etc. .

ABS/PMMA Sanitaryware plate Composite Sanitary Board
For sanitary products such as: Bathtub, shower room, steam room, Sink./n/n.

ABS/PC Baggage plate Composite Board
Mainly used for all kinds of luggage, luggage, leisure bags and so on.

ABS/ABS + PC Car plate Alloy Sheet
Main uses: Car Roof, Instrument Panel; seat panel, door panel, window frame; motorcycle, dune buggy, Scooter, golf cart and other shell.

Technical parameter

Model JWS130/38-2200 JWS120/38-1400
Products Width 2200mm 1400mm
Products Thickness 1.5-10mm 1.5-10mm
Extruder Specification Ø130/38;Ø45/30 Ø120/38
Capacity (Max.) 550Kg/h 450Kg/h
Note: Informations listed above are for reference only, the production line can be designed by customer’s requirements.

PC, PMMA plastic sheet production line equipment screw adopts special mixing function and high plasticization capacity design. The hanger-type die head adopts a special double throttling design, with coarse and fine adjustment, so that the thickness of the sheet can be adjusted more accurately. The PC/PMMA/GPPS/ABS plastic sheet production line equipment manufactured by Jwell is an alternative to imported first-class equipment in terms of energy consumption, intelligence, automation indicators, safety standards, and process standards, but it has an unparalleled cost-effective advantage.

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