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PET/PLA/CPET Environmental Protection Sheet production line

Short Description:

The twin-screw dryer-free exhaust type PET/PLA sheet production line has the advantages of low energy consumption, simple process, convenient operation and maintenance of equipment, and its unique screw combination structure effectively reduces the viscosity reduction of PET/PLA resin, the symmetrical thin-wall roller improves the cooling efficiency and improves the productivity and sheet quality. The multi-component feeding device can reasonably control the proportion of new material, return material, color masterbatch, etc. , the sheet can be used in the fields of blister printing and packaging.

Product Detail

Main technical parameter

Model Extruder model Products thickness(mm) Main motor power(kw) Max extrusion Capacity(kg/h)
Multi layer JWE75/40+JWE52/40-1000 0.15-1.5 132/55 500-600
Single layer JWE75/40-1000 0.15-1.5 160 450-550
Highly-efficient JWE95/44+JWE65/44-1500 0.15-1.5 250/75 1000-1200
Note: Informations listed above are for reference only, the production line can be designed by customer’s requirements.

Since the advent of PET sheet, due to its excellent fiber-forming properties, it has been widely used in the synthetic fiber industry. In the plastics industry, it was initially limited to the manufacture of biaxially oriented films, and then widely used in hollow containers. Today, the PET sheet produced by the extrusion method is thermoformed and processed into various packaging products. It has good gas barrier properties, does not contain other additives, is pure and hygienic, has good toughness and extensibility, and has excellent recyclability. And other characteristics, widely used in various packaging and advertising printing industries such as electrical appliances, toys, food, etc.

Jwell has more than 30 years of experience in the plastic extrusion industry. A deep understanding of plastic extrusion technology and excellent metal processing capabilities make it unique in quality. Long-term accumulation of production debugging experience, grasp of new extrusion technology, and comprehensive implementation of ISO 9001:2015 and CE certified quality management system in every aspect of production management. We monitor and manage the quality of products and after-sales service in an all-round way to meet the strict requirements of customers, making us your trusted partner.

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