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Plastic recycling granulation equipment

  • DYSSQ series light single-shaft Shredder

    DYSSQ series light single-shaft Shredder

    In order to be environmentally friendly and suitable for different production requirements and crushing objects, DYUN launched the DYSSQ light shredder. It is suitable for shredding and recycling of gates, plastic thick board, building template, plastic films and various blow-molding containers produced during injection molding, blow molding and extrusion. According to the different feeding methods and recycling of the site, conveyors and crushers can be equipped. This shredder has low-speed rotary cutter, and is of low noise, high output and more energy saving.

  • Dyss series small single-shaft Shredder

    Dyss series small single-shaft Shredder

    DYSS single-shaft shredder is a shredding equipment with a wide range of applications. It is designed to meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries. It can be used in a wide variety of materials, including various plastic products such as blocks, pipes and woven bags, various used cables, wood, waste paper and electronic waste etc. The size of the shredded material depends on the features of material and the next step, and the shredded material can be directly recycled or for being further crushed.