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TPE/TPO/PVC Flooring Footmat Extrusion line

Short Description:

Mainly used for producing the sort of PVC Floor leather rolls. PVC Floor leather has the performance of anti-friction,corrosion resistence, skidproof, impermeable and inflaming retarding, and is widely used on auto, hotel, amusement place, exhibition hall,house,etc. The structure of this production line is simple, and convenient to operation .According to customers’ requirement ,equipped with different components,used for producing single layer, multi-layer composite production and also can be equipped with unreeling unit,used for producing inner strengthen production or surface compound non-woven fabrics and PVC decoration film, etc.

Product Detail

XPE foaming furnace performance advantages:
1) The preheating and cross-linking section has been greatly changed to reduce the heat capacity space while meeting the process requirements. At the same time, energy is saved.
2) The heat distribution in the furnace overcomes the defect of unreasonable heat distribution in foreign furnaces, and is closer to the working heat requirement of XPE foaming. Make XPE foam in a relatively wide process range, foam fully and stable.
3) Large output. Among the foaming furnaces currently produced in China, our three-stage furnace has an output of more than 200 kg/h. Moreover, the XPE foam cells are more dense than the two-stage furnace. The gas consumption is equivalent to that of a two-stage furnace.
4) Observation holes are set on the wall panels of the foaming section. At the same time, a baffle structure is set at the exit of the foaming furnace, and the size of the furnace mouth is adjusted according to the production conditions, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving.
5) The expansion ratio can reach 35-40 times.

Main technical parameter

Type Double layers Three layers
Products width 1500-2000mm 2000-3000mm
Extruder specification SJZ65/132-SJZ80/156 SJZ65/132-SJZ80/156-SJZ65/132
Max output capacity 500-550kg/h 600-750kg/h
Main motor power 37kw/55kw 37kw/55kw/37kw
Note: Informations listed above are for reference only, the production line can be designed by customer’s requirements.

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